Sous une pluie d'étoiles

Tatiana Maslany is directed to shoot a sequence which involves pistol whipping Rachel without her right hand because Kathryn’s arm will be edited in its place.


"I believe that the dork in me appeals to the dork in others."

make me choose: lana parrilla or elizabeth mitchell || asked by: ninzied & anonymous

Emily and Alison in Season 5 so far- requested by anonymous.

Twenty Being Human Characters: Natasha Miles

Oh god, this is one of those places isn’t? With the really nice carpet and the free coffee, you’re gonna ask me about my childhood then try and take all my money

"[H]er vulnerability is so present, so palpable. You sense it, and you know she is giving you her authentic self.” - LaChanze

“You can’t be the vulnerable, transparent, raw person required to be an artist, and then cover that stuff up and meet the world with some kind of armor on. It just doesn’t go.” - Idina Menzel

Helena Bonham Carter | Mrs. Lovett costume photoshoot (2007)

Helena Bonham Carter | Mrs. Lovett costume photoshoot (2007)